Discover all the secrets about this new rule and how this would affect to Technics, Tactics and Defence. This course is designed for coaches, players and referees.

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You have in front of you the best course about the ZERO STEP that you can find. You will learn new options of individual technique, how it affects individual and collective tactics, how to defend the Zero Step , training exercises and complete sequences of learning for young and advanced players. In addition, you will know the secrets to unlearn something learned, very useful before this change of regulations outside of NBA.

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Let’s start with a little test with this video of a recent NBA game situation, to see your initial knowledge. It is just a little game. Press on the hand to see the question.


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Contenido del Curso

Gather Step Introduction Course
1. Introduction GRATIS 00:20:00
2. Offense basketball evolution GRATIS 00:05:00
3. Gather Step Advantages GRATIS 00:35:00
The new Gather Step Rule
4. New rule 00:20:00
5. Gather Step rule in-depth analysis 00:00:00
6. Useful terminology of individual technique 00:40:00
Gather step in offense skills
7. Zero Step in Receptions 00:40:00
8. Influence of gather step in start 00:45:00
9. Influence of gather step in finishes 01:00:00
10. Influence of gather step in the post 00:20:00
Defense against Gather Step
11. How to defend on the reception on open court 00:40:00
12. How to defend gather step with player with the ball 00:45:00
13. How to defend gather step in the reception 00:45:00
14. How to defend gather steps when player with ball starts dribbling 00:45:00
15. How to defend gather step in finishes 00:45:00
16. How to defend gather step with fakes 00:45:00
17. How to defend gather step in the post 00:20:00
Influence of the Gather Step rule on collective tactics
18. Tactic and gather step: screen situations 03:00:00
19. Tactic and gather step: classic situations 03:00:00
Learning and unlearning a skill routine
20. Learning a new skill. Learning phases 01:00:00
21. Learning to unlearn 01:00:00
22. Unlearn to relearn 01:00:00
Gather Step Drills
23. Gather step running drills 01:30:00
24. Gather step reception drills 01:30:00
25. Gather step finishing drills 01:30:00
How create learning sequences
26. Basic learning sequence for beginners 02:00:00
27. Learning sequence for intermediate players 02:00:00
28. Learning sequence for advanced players 02:00:00
Final Test
Gather Step Final Test 00:10:00
Course Credits and Bibliography
30. Course Credits and Bibliography 00:00:00

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