Basketball Data Analyst Course


Welcome to Sportcoach’s first online Basketball data analyst course.

This course in advanced statistics is probably the first of a progression of training that will lead you to become a true data analyst, without any doubt one of the booming and future professions within the technical staffs of basketball professional teams.

However, we want you to learn in a practical and solid way so you can apply your progress from the first moment to your team, to your club. Advanced statistics, as we will call it in this course, can give you a competitive advantage in the analysis of all kinds (your own team, your rival, a phase of the game, a player, etc.).

Well taken, processed and analyzed data can make you go from sensations to objective certainties. For this reason we have wanted to have a true benchmark in data analysis such as Fran Camba, data analyst for the Obradoiro of the Endesa ACB League.

It will be he who, from his mastery of the subject and its applicability to the reality of the courts, transmits the knowledge in an orderly, progressive manner.

Along with him, Flavio Bottiroli has collaborated in the assembly to make the presentation more pleasant and intuitive for you, and also closer to the coach’s point of view.

In this first course you will learn in a solid way the basic concepts that govern the world of advanced statistics but you will also take a free tool with you to implement the knowledge you acquire with your youth team or senior amateur or semi-professional team right now. Learn the reasons, the logic of the data and the metrics, how to collect, process and analyze it.

Learn at your own pace, online with Sport Coach. Where the best coaches are formed.  

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the advanced statistic 00:05:00
CHAPTER 1: Data collection – Data source
1.1. Data capture sources 00:07:00
1.2 The metrics, What are they? 00:06:00
1.3 Normalize and contextualize the metrics 00:13:00
1.4 Practical example of contextualizing and normalizing in advanced statistic 00:04:00
CHAPTER 2: Transformation of the data – THE CONCEPT OF METRIC
2.1 Some basic mathematical concepts to be able to advance 00:07:00
2.2 The possession. Concept and calculation 00:07:00
2.3 The offensive action 00:04:00
2.4 Shooting efficiency (performance metric 1) 00:07:00
2.5 Shooting distribution (performance metric 2) 00:05:00
2.6 Use of possessions (performance metric 3) 00:07:00
2.7 Quality of possessions (performance metric 4) 00:05:00
CHAPTER 3: Creation and use of practical tool for statistics
3.1. Creation and use of practical tool for statistics 00:36:00
CHAPTER 4: Statistical report for professional team
4.1 Example of statistical report for professional team 01:19:00

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