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You have in front of you the best course about the GATHER STEP that you can find. You will learn new options of individual technique, how it affects individual and collective tactics, how to defend the GATHER STEP, training exercises and complete sequences of learning for young and advanced players. In addition, you will know the secrets to unlearn something learned, very useful before this change of regulations outside of NBA. Do you want to solve if it´s legal or travel this move?


You have in front of you, a real investment to improve your players if you are a coach; improve your game if you are a player and get better; or learn more about the use of this rule by coaches and players, if you are a referee. If you are a manager, an amateur, a teacher or a student, we are sure that there will be really proud of this experience.

In this training you will learn:

– Gather Step rule in-depth analysis

– Gather step in offense and defense skills

– Gather Step Drills

– Learning and unlearning a skill routine

– And much more


If you want to learn the gather-step rule in depth and be able to apply it in your game as a coach or player, this is the course for you. Enroll NOW!

UNLIMITED ACCESS, even after the course has finished. Access whenever you want.

For basketball coaches from youth to professionals. Also for basketball players and referees.

We know that it is important to solve any doubts you may have, so the content creator himself and his assistants will accompany you through it, and you will be able to contact them via the platform anytime. (It usually takes well under 48 hours to get back to you).

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