Minibasketball Expert University Course


All the Minibasket content you can imagine, with an university degree.


We present the IV Edition of the Minibasketball Expert University Course, possibly the most powerful Minibasketball learning program in the world.

This training will be done for the first time in Spanish and English at the same time and it offers you:

  • University Certificate of Expert in Minibasketball
  • More than 300 hours of learning
  • 80 Minibasketball specific chapters
  • 20 expert teachers
  • 12 months to take it at your own pace (if you need more time, just ask us).
  • Absolutely audiovisual with a lot of extra content
  • Free place in all Minibasketball events organized by SportCoach forever.
  • A multi-stage course, with multi-cameras, in a total experience
  • Support and tutoring whenever you need it

More than 320 students have already passed through this Minibasketball Expert University Course, leaving with fantastic evaluations. Consult them here in Spanish.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Know in depth the psychological, physical and biological characteristics of the player in ages 8 to 12 years.
  • Understand the learning processes of Minibasketball age players and how it influences the acquisition of skills and concepts.
  • Increase your ability to build high-quality tasks, sessions and exercises, adapted to the Minibasketball category.
  • Improve the learning processes of technique and tactics in the game Increase the tactical intelligence of the players through procedures based on the quality of training
  • Develop talent detection skills in players, to be able to intuit the player development processes
  • Know and implement team dynamics that facilitate involvement, increase motivation and develop the team concept at these ages.
  • Improve the competitive capacity of teams and players, as well as emotional control as a coach in the Minibasketball category.
  • Know the implementation of this category in clubs and competitive formulas.

This course is orientated to:

• Coaches at any level

• Graduates in Physical Education

Teachers or Graduates of Infant or Primary

College students or aspiring coaches

• Strenght and conditioning coaches

• Technical directors in youth programs, GM´s and sports directors

• Basketball fans in general

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