Luigi Lamonica: “Mistakes and successes of the coach at top basketball competition”



Welcome to Procoach Clinics Collection. A special selection of the Procoach Clinics. You have current selected Luigi Lamonica. He´s maybe the most important referee at Europe.

He told us all the secrets about the relationship between coach and referee at the court. There aren´t  any kind of restrictions.

This pack includes:

  • 1st Clinic: “Mistakes and successes of the coach at top competition”
  • Luigi Lamonica “Exclusive Personal interview”

More than 2 hours of great content in Full HD, and three months of an unlimited number of views.

It is exclusive SportCoach content that you can enjoy, either from your smartphone, on your computer, or your TV.

Do not miss this exciting offer and the opportunity to have access to the spectacular Masterclasses.

Enjoy your purchase


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