Sportcoach lands in Japan

SPORTCOACH and Shota Goto (B’BALL LAB JAPAN) announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement in Japan:

Sportcoach has been working during these last months to establish solid strategic agreements with various countries around the world. After an amazing impact on the Spanish coaching community, the expansion to several countries, and different continents, is already in motion.

We have started our internationalization process with great trust and confidence in our sports learning programmes.

Countries that train with SportCoach

We are currently offering our content in Spanish and English to other countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Sweden, Hungary, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and many more to soon come.

In this particular case, we have recently developed more than a stable relationship with Shota Goto, and the company B’BALL LAB JAPAN. Having Covid in the middle of the equation, we have decided to turn a threat into an opportunity to offer high-quality online content to the Japanese basketball environment.

Declarations of the agreement

Manuel Peña, Head of SportCoach International, mentioned that:

“This is happening at the right time, we have been working for months so that during the Olympic Games we could announce this agreement. These weeks, Japan is the center of sport in the world, it is also a very important country for us, because of its technological development, the level of internationalization that they are having right now in Basketball (Julio Lamas and Herman Mandole, Argentinian Coaches, with the National Team, but a lot of Spanish Coaches too that they are coaching right now as Lucas Mondelo, Luis Guil, or some of them that they were as Piti Hurtado, Fernando Calero, Trifon Poch…) and the interest of improvement that the group of B´BALL LAB JAPAN has shown us. We here have some of the reasons why we are opening this opportunity in this special moment, thinking that we have exciting times ahead”.

B´Ball Lab Japan sign an agreement with SportCoach
B´Ball Lab Japan sign an agreement with SportCoach

B’BALL LAB JAPAN comments on our agreement:

´We are very grateful to be able to enter into such an agreement with SPORTCOACH.

We are confident that this partnership will bring more knowledge and wisdom for the future growth and evolution of basketball in Japan.

Japan has a lot of potential for basketball. For this reason, we need an opportunity for Japanese coaches to progress.

With this team, we will do our best to provide those opportunities to the people of Japan.´

Our two companies share a passion for providing Japanese Coaches with solid solutions that will make a world of difference for their success. We’re looking forward to working with Shota and his team, and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome them to SPORTCOACH.

We recommend starting for example with Scout Procoach Course as the perfect Course for any Coach that wants to take his knowledge to the next level and maybe wants to follow up in a different way the Olympic Basketball Games.

26 December, 2021

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