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Youth is the first exclusive international course for training and development coaches that brings together coaches who are experts in training players who have also reached the elite.

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Masters of


One of the Best Youth Coach in Europe with a big experience.

UCAM Murcia ACB Pro Coach.  Ricky Rubio´s youth coach

Real Madrid Assistant Coach. Luka Doncic´s youth coach. 

ACB Pro Coach. U16 European Champ with Spain. 

Unicaja Málaga youth basketball director. 

FC Barcelona U20 basketball coach. Porzingins´youth coach

ACB Assistant Coach. Expert coach in learning mehodology. 

Serbian U18M Coach. Professor of Physical Education at the University of Belgrade.

Siglo XXI Coach. Youth women’s Basketball 

Valencia Basket Sports Directors. Professional and youth programs

U18M Valencia Basket Coach

Expert in motor skills of young players

Experts in biomechanics of young players

Sports Director of the Spanish Basketball Federation

U18F Valencia Basket Coach

What does YouthProcoach consist of?


Before you start learning, we will welcome you and then invite you to take an exclusive assessment designed by SportCoach’s educational technology team, which consists of a self-assessment that will detect your strengths and the needs you still have as a training coach.


After receiving the personalized results of your evaluation, you will be able to start the basic content for a training coach: basic basketball, talent detection, psychology of the young player and terminology. 


You will enjoy all the masterclasses of the Youth Course, where our Youth teachers will explain multiple details for your improvement as a trainer.


You will enjoy a lot of extra content and more youth coaches


The Youth Online evaluation will give you access to the SportCoach Training and Youth Coach Diploma with 200 hours of training.


The 100% online course can be completed whenever you want, you will be able to continue enjoying the contents once the course is finished


We will advance on the new spaces of development of the training player and the demands of the new basketball.

You will learn to build a specific tactical book for youth teams taking care of construction, concepts and spacing details.

You will discover how to improve the performance of your “real” training sessions with 1,2, 7,10 and 12 players. Adapted to your reality.

Conocerás los procesos de aprendizaje que han llevado jugadores de élite de la mano de sus propios entrenadores.

You will increase your technical training resources for inside and outside players, by positions, etc. hundreds of details await you.

From concept building work to individual tactics and defensive technique in training.

You will work how to improve your values to learn details to be a great Development Coach, with capital letters.

You will learn details from great professionals about the management of the youth programs, the detection of talent and its development, etc.

You will take a giant step with the latest additions to biomechanics, neuromotor development and physical training applied to the young player.

You will know the teachers’ favorite drills, as well as the latest trends in their optimization.

  • Scouting at Youth
    Statistics for training
    Feedback on corrections
    Youth psychology


399 €
  • + Full ONLINE course
  • + All Masterclasses on high quality video
  • + Accreditation of 200 hours of continuing education
  • + Training and Youth Coaching Diploma
  • + A lot of extension content
  • + 24/7 Attention


All those basketball coaches who have Level 0, 1, 2 or 3 of the Regions or Your Country Federations; as well as Sports Technicians and Superior Sports Technicians.

You will be able to register until aren´t vacancies . 

You can enroll whenever you want. You start it instantly. You finish it at your own pace

If you have more questions we will be happy to help you solve them by email  infoenglish@sportcoach.es  or by phone or whatssapp +34 675 86 13 66

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Commitment to quality training

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